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Hoda Kotb Speaks Out on ‘Today' Show Shake-up

Hoda Kotb Speaks Out on ‘Today' Show Shake-up

Hoda Kotb is opening up about the changes at the “Today" show.

The talk show host stepped out at the 14th Annual Woman’s Day Red Dress Awards. where she chatted with “Extra” about Tamron Hall’s recent exit from NBC after news broke she would no longer co-host “Today’s Take” with Al Roker, in order to make room for Megyn Kelly.

Hoda said she missed Tamron, who was also at the event. “I wish her well. I miss her big-time. I’m happy she’s gonna have something huge,” she said. "I just can’t wait to hear what it is.”

Hoda is excited for Megyn Kelly to join the team, saying, “We’re gonna haze her bad — she doesn’t know. Everyone goes through a spank circle."

In all seriousness, she added, “I just really want her to get here, because I know she’s smart, I know she’s fun and I think she will fit in and have a ball with us.”