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Nicole Richie Reveals Resolutions, Secret Talents

Nicole Richie Reveals Resolutions, Secret Talents

Nicole Richie is showing she can work hard and play hard, as she had some fun hosting Svedka Vodka’s Broken Resolutions Bash, where she told “Extra’s” Renee Bargh, “You know what, everybody breaks resolutions and everyone drinks vodka.”

The actress jumped on the resolution bandwagon with some of her famous friends, saying, “I didn't make a resolution to stay fit, I jumped on my friend's... had a resolution going and I wanted to invite myself and pretend like I was on the same train.”

The 35-year-old posted video of her hiking with Kate Hudson, vowing to stay fit. “That was day 5, I went to yoga today.”

The busy mom of two has her own clothing and jewelry line. Renee smiled as she joked, “You’re a little bit of an underachiever, huh?” Nicole replied, “I’m an underachiever.”

Nicole revealed something most people wouldn’t know about her. “I'm really good at archery… I have good aim.”

There’s one thing she and rocker husband Joel Madden are not aiming for… more kids. “No plan as of right now.”

When talking about her guilty pleasure TV show, she shared, “There's nothing guilty about it, 'Mariah's World' is my everything… inspiration, like all day long.”