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Sean Hannity Believes Donald Trump Will ‘Exceed People’s Expectations’ as President

Sean Hannity Believes Donald Trump Will ‘Exceed People’s Expectations’ as President

Fox News host Sean Hannity is ready for Donald Trump to take the reins as President of the United States.

Earlier this week, Hannity spoke to “Extra’s” AJ Calloway on the set of his Fox News show. He predicted, “He will far exceed people's expectations. Buckle up — he is a fighter.” He added, “I know him really well... When I have talked to him, it's always late at night. He's working 24/7. The guy rolls up his sleeves. He wants to get to work.”

When AJ asked about Trump’s controversial, early-morning Twitter tirades, Sean argued, “He might be a little annoyed. He fires back and then feels better, then goes back to work. It's cathartic.” Though Trump laughs about his tweets, Sean does believe that the President-elect could be a little more careful about what he puts out there, saying, "Maybe be a slight hair extra-careful. I think it's been a very effective communication tool for him.”

Hannity also sounded-off on the members of Congress who are boycotting the inauguration, saying, “Stay home. Who cares?”

As for the reports of Trump’s alleged Russian sexcapades, Sean commented, “I thought it was total B.S.” He was similarly outspoken about his feelings on the Obamas leaving the White House, saying, “I mean, eight years of Obama misery, for crying out loud.” Despite his disapproval of President Obama, the newsman did give him one compliment: “I think he and Michelle did a great job with their kids, and kept them out of the public limelight.”

Sean also weighed in on his former co-worker Megyn Kelly’s big move to NBC, saying, “I'm happy for her… She made the choice that works for her.”

For those worried about the prospect of Trump as POTUS, Hannity offered these final words: “Let not your heart be troubled. The world is gonna be fine.”