Is Corrine the Most Outrageous ‘Bachelor’ Contestant?

Is Corrine the Most Outrageous ‘Bachelor’ Contestant?

Last night on “The Bachelor," Corrine was going to do whatever she had to do to one-up the other girls, especially after finding out Nick Viall had previously had sex with Liz.

During a cocktail party, the 24-year-old ditched her slinky silk dress for a trench coat with nothing underneath. Claiming she has the "It" factor that guys really like,” Corrine made her move on Nick — with a can of whipped cream!

Shocking even Nick, the blonde business owner sprayed the whipped cream over her exposed breast before saying, “Take it off my boob.” Nick complied with the request… using his mouth. He then said, “You’re a troublemaker.” She agreed.

In the confessional, Nick admitted, “I’m very attracted to Corrine, and she’s good at stimulating chemistry.” He added, “I like it a little bit, I like it a lot, but at the same time, I’m really juggling, trying to appreciate everything that is Corrine, while being respectful to the other women in the house.”

Recently, “Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with Nick. He said, "She is someone who is assertive, big personality, and that can be a lot of fun… and at the same time, that can get you in trouble."

Their party was broken up when Jasmine decided to take Nick away. Not pleased, Corrine said, “Tonight did not go as I had planned. I tried to do something very cute and nice for Nick and it just backfired.” She then walked off to her room crying, saying the conversation was “so bad for their relationship,” and that she “felt so stupid" and her and Nick "don’t have a chance.” It ended with her saying she wanted to go home.

She may not have gone home, but she did sleep through the rose ceremony — which the other women were not pleased about.

During the group date, the ladies were given the opportunity to be the backup dancers for the Backstreet Boys. Corrine was pleased to learn she would be a part of the date, but admitted she was nervous since she was a terrible dancer.

She later claimed that her confidence was rubbing off on everyone else during the rehearsal and that they were “stealing her thunder.” Her insecurities became apparent as she confessed she didn’t feel "pretty, cute or confident.” She later went and sat in the corner alone, pouting, before running out of the rehearsal space to cry in the bathroom.

It was also revealed in this episode while talking about having children, Corrine — who is 24 — has a “nanny" at home who cooks, cleans and does her laundry for her. It came as a shock to the other women, who snickered in disbelief.

Instead of the typical cocktail party, the women were invited to a pool party with Nick, where Corrine looked to redeem herself — even calling the other girls “desperate."

After asking Nick to join her in the bounce house, she decided to bounce on top of him and straddle him, kissing him passionately as he called her “beautiful.” Provocatively, she said she felt “comfortable” on top of him.

Nick said that he is spending so much time with her because she is “fun” and “fun is the foundation for any good relationship."

The other women are definitely beginning to question Nick’s intentions with Corrine.

The episode ended with Corrine leaving early… to sleep!