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Jamie Foxx Speaks Out After Reports Claim He Was Attacked

Jamie Foxx Speaks Out After Reports Claim He Was Attacked

Over the weekend, rumors were flying that Jamie Foxx was involved in a violent altercation at Los Angeles hot spot Catch.

TMZ reports that Foxx was attacked by a man, who complained that Jamie’s group of friends were too loud in the patio area. After the man allegedly lunged at Jamie, a witness claimed that Foxx took the man down after putting him in a choke hold.

On Monday, Foxx took to Instagram to explain what happened. With a towel over his eye, he said, “Damn, f**k, word is out man. I know you all heard about this sh*t, man. Saw some videos. I just wanted to address what happened from my perspective. All I was trying to do, man, was keep my eye on things.” Watch!

He eventually took his towel off his eye to reveal that he was faking his injury and was playing a prank on everyone. He joked, "I’m just f**king with y’all, man. Everybody’s good. 2017. We don’t want no violence. We don’t want to get hurt.”

Foxx ended his video by promoting his new film “Sleepless.” He reiterated, "If you want to see me whoop some ass, you know what you can do. Friday the 13th. ‘Sleepless.' Come see your boy kick some ass for real.”