Arnold Schwarzenegger and 'Celebrity Apprentice" Contestants Respond to Trump's Executive Producer Credit

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the new host “The New Celebrity Apprentice,” premiering January 2, but President-elect Trump will retain his Executive Producer title.

Arnold and some of the contestants reacted to the news while Trump defended his arrangements for the show he created, insisting he will devote zero time to the show.

Schwarzenegger told “Extra’s” Renee Bargh, “I have no idea how he is gonna be involved, that’s up to him, and he has for the last 15 seasons been involved as the host and executive producer, and now since he has changed professions, I am the host and executive producer.”

He has spoken to President-elect Trump, saying, “I wish him good luck and hope he does well. I also gave him a call after I was chosen to do the job, and we had a nice conversation then.” The two did not exchange advice, “I didn’t need his advice to be the host and he doesn’t need my advice.” Adding he isn’t sure if he will go to the inauguration.

Brooke Burke­-Charvet will be a contestant this season and said, “He’s been an EP since season one, it’s been 15 seasons. I get it, a deal is a deal. I can’t imagine he will have any involvement, in his defense, why should he give up that credit?”

Kyle Richards added, “It doesn’t mean anything to me… he wasn’t involved in the show. I haven’t seen him or anything."

Snooki defended Trump as well, saying, “It’s what he'd done prior to being President-elect, so it just makes sense, because that was his job before.”