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Megyn Kelly's Next Move: Her Kids Matter More Than Money

Megyn Kelly's Next Move: Her Kids Matter More Than Money

This morning, Megyn Kelly was honored at the Hollywood Reporter’s Most Powerful Women in TV breakfast, where she set the record straight on speculation she is leaving FOX News when her contact expires.

She told “Extra’s” Renee Bargh, "It’s kind of frustrating because people write these articles and they don’t know what they are talking about, they need to write a story. I sent out a tweet the other day and I mean it, if you don’t hear it directly from me please don’t believe it. I’m trying to give this the thought it deserves.”

“I love Fox News, I love my job there, I love the Murdochs, working with them, my colleagues, it would be very hard to leave, but I also love my three little people, who are 3, 5, and 7, in my house; we have to find a way to do better there. Right now, my hours are the opposite their hours. They come home at 3:30 and that’s when I go to work — that’s not good enough,” Megyn stressed.

CNN is reportedly looking to nab Kelly, who commented, “It’s always good to have options, that’s for sure… I’m trying to just send out vibes into the universe of, ‘How can I improve my life?' and I hope it comes back to me with positive energy.”

Megyn recently co-hosted “Live with Kelly” alongside Kelly Ripa. Though ratings were through the roof, Megyn won’t be making it a permanent gig. She revealed, “I love [Kelly], she couldn’t have been more gracious, but no, I don’t see that in my future, not because I wouldn’t want to hang with her.”

As for what Kelly gave her as a welcoming gift, Megyn shared, “She gave me a host gift, I had confessed to her the truth, that I haven’t worked out since my son was born three years ago… She gave me a 10-pack to SoulCycle, so we’re gonna go together!”

Megyn also weighed in on President-elect Donald Trump, with whom she has traded barbs in the past. Speaking of Time magazine’s decision to make Trump their Person of the Year, she said, “They had to choose him — that would be an outrage if they didn’t choose him.” She continued, “I hope he can be a more unifying force, and I wish him nothing but luck and godspeed.”

When asked what would be her first question if she sat down with him again soon, she laughed, “Have you missed me!?”