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Alec Baldwin's Trump Has to Google ISIS in 'SNL' Return

Alec Baldwin's Trump Has to Google ISIS in 'SNL' Return

Alec Baldwin made another appearance as Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live," his first since Trump's surprise win in the presidential election.

In the show's cold open, Baldwin's Trump appeared clueless on foreign affairs, Googling ISIS after an impromptu meeting with a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. When Google provided too many answers, he turned to Siri... only to realize he was using a Blackberry.

Freaking out over his new responsibilities, Trump told himself, "Don't worry, Donald, it'll be okay — Hillary's still ahead in the polls," referring to Clinton having won the popular vote.

Trump's calming mantra when things got overwhelming? "Big, beautiful boobs and buildings! Big, beautiful boobs and buildings!"

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Good news... someone likes Trump's Cabinet appointments... bad news? It's white supremacist David Duke.

Kate McKinnon's bedraggled Kellyanne Conway was no help, wishing out loud for a time machine, implying she regretted helping Trump win the highest office in the land.

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"This isn't going to work, is it?"

A surprise visit from Mitt Romney (special guest Jason Sudeikis) resulted in the men shaking hands for about 40 seconds after saying hello before abruptly realizing they could never work together. The real Trump and Romney met on Saturday amid rumors Romney may be tapped to be Secretary of State, months after Romney said Trump was a "phony, a fraud" who should not be elected POTUS.

Beck Bennett's Mike Pence referenced the treatment the VP-elect received at "Hamilton" Friday night ("It was good. I got a free lecture.") and was praised by Trump as "the reason I'm never gonna get impeached."


Twitter users shared some of the open's best lines, but People magazine reports one viewer who wasn't impressed was President-elect Trump, who found time Sunday morning to post his review. "I watched parts of @nbcsnl Saturday Night Live last night," he tweeted. "It is a totally one-sided, biased show - nothing funny at all. Equal time for us?"

The equal-time rule applies only during an active election, a point made by Baldwin in response to Trump's critique: