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Clinton & Trump Join Hands, Hug People in Times Square ... on 'SNL'

Clinton & Trump Join Hands, Hug People in Times Square ... on 'SNL'

On the final pre-election edition of "Saturday Night Live," Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin took their spot-on impersonations of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Alec Baldwin through the fourth wall — ending by telling viewers to vote Tuesday in order "to choose what kind of country we wanna live in."

Just before their out-of-character pitch, footage was shown of the pair running through Times Square hugging people who seemed unlikely to vote for their alter egos — Baldwin's Trump embraced a black man, while McKinnon's Hillary reluctantly mini-hugged a dude in a "Trump That B*tch" T-shirt.

The beginning of the extra-long cold open was classic "SNL," with the pseudo-candidates sparring over Trump's endorsement from the KKK, the favoritism shown to him by the FBI, and his hotly contested bromance with Russia's Vladimir Putin.

Each time Hillary tried to underscore those unsavory ties, Trump would deny it in spite of some visual evidence that was hard to kiss off. Watch!

"SNL" returns with a new show November 12, with reclusive comedian Dave Chappelle making his debut as host.