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Why Ellen Pompeo Wants Jenna Dewan & Channing Tatum on ‘Grey’s Anatomy'

Why Ellen Pompeo Wants Jenna Dewan & Channing Tatum on ‘Grey’s Anatomy'

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez recently caught up with Ellen Pompeo in West Hollywood, where she dished on her dream co-stars for “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Pompeo has been on the show for 13 years, working with many familiar faces, but she really wants to work with Jenna Dewan and husband Channing Tatum. Earlier this year, she tweeted to show creator Shonda Rhimes, "4 episode 300 can we have @channingtatum as a firefighter who rescues @taylorswift13 @jennadewan dressed as cats? Girls u in?"

Pompeo gushed, “I love the two of them. I think they’re adorable… I’d be happy with just Jenna, to be honest. I really want to do a dance video with her.”

Earlier this year, Ellen posted a cute video of herself dancing on the set of “Grey’s Anatomy.” She said, "I wanna reach out to Jenna. I think I will and we have to do a video together her and I.”

Along with Jenna and Channing, Ellen wouldn’t mind if Mario guest-starred on the show, too! She joked, "You'd make a cute doctor. You don't have to know anything medical. You just have to be hot and look good in scrubs.”

Ellen was promoting her Cool Ager campaign with Philosophy. She shared, "It's about getting better with age and getting away from stereotypes that are placed on women.”

In the past, Pompeo grabbed attention for her thin frame, which affected her confidence. She admitted, “Like every girl, all women struggle with self esteem at different times in their life.”

The tabloids would also make it difficult for her. She revealed, "Their formula is very simple. Attack successful, beautiful women and they think that's what women want to read about. So they actually set up a system for women to attack and criticize other women. It's so devious and evil. I hope women catch on to it and stop supporting tabloid culture."

She went on, "All of the women in Hollywood are doing such a great job of moving our agenda forward. They're producing, they're writing and directing."

Ellen even acknowledged one of Mario’s good friends, who has made a big mark on the industry, saying, "Your friend Eva Longoria is big in that area and doing amazing things.”

Catch Ellen on “Grey’s Anatomy” Thursday nights on ABC.