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Rose McGowan Tweets About Hollywood Rape Nightmare

Rose McGowan Tweets About Hollywood Rape Nightmare
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Actress Rose McGowan unleashed a series of furious tweets Friday, accusing an unnamed Hollywood mogul of raping her — and stating that her ex was guilty of working with the man after the assault.

People magazine reports McGowan started by tweeting that she wanted "honesty in this world," going on to assert that her ex "sold our movie to my rapist for distribution". Most devastating to McGowan was when she felt "shamed" while watching Hollywood "adulating" her alleged rapist.

When she sought legal advice, McGowan reports that a female criminal attorney said her history of doing sex scenes in movies meant she "would never win against the studio head."

Because she was using the hashtag #WhyWomenDontReport, it appears McGowan was coming forward to show solidarity with the numerous women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual impropriety, who have themselves come under attack by those who doubt their motives for reporting the alleged crimes so close to Election Day.

McGowan is an avowed #NeverTrump voter whose viral video for WomenCanStopTrump.com has achieved more than 5 million views.