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Teresa Giudice on Missing Joe in Prison, ‘DWTS,’ and ‘RHONJ’ Drama

Teresa Giudice on Missing Joe in Prison, ‘DWTS,’ and ‘RHONJ’ Drama

Reality star Teresa Giudice has had a busy summer with her four daughters. The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star recently spoke to “Extra’s” AJ Calloway at our H&M studio in NYC, where she opened up about life at home without husband Joe and revealed who she is not getting along with.

Teresa is grateful to be with her girls after completing her prison sentence in December, but is happy they are back in school. She explained, “It was just me and them and whatever they wanted to do… I had no me time, I couldn’t do my yoga… I was at their beck and call, which I don’t mind, of course.” She added, "They make me happy but I can’t wait for [Joe] to come home."

The whole family is still trying to get used to life at home while Joe serves his time at Fort Dix Correctional facility. She admitted, “It’s hard, we are just doing the best that we can, getting through it day by day… our family feels incomplete.”

The family has been visiting Joe weekly, with Teresa emailing him constantly. She shared, “I tell him my every stop.”

While he is behind bars, Joe has been working on his fitness, shedding 35 pounds. She commented, “He’s just working out like crazy.” Though her hubby has friends in prison, it’s still difficult. “He doesn’t want to be there, taking it day by day, just wants it to be over.”

Teresa has been shooting “Real Housewives of New Jersey” while Joe is away, but will cameras be rolling when his sentence is over? She responded, “I’m sure all this is going to change him for the better, so why not? I’m sure why not... I want to show my honey off.”

And she may take on another show when he comes home as well! She dished, “I would love to do ‘DWTS'… I was asked to do it when I first came home.” She emphasized, “When he comes home, I would love to do it, 'cause I want him to be in the audience.” She is well aware how challenging it will be since she has never danced or taken gymnastics classes.

The 44-year-old’s brother Joe and sister-in-law Melissa would surely cheer her on since the family is getting along now. She reiterated, “The way it always should have been before fame and money got involved.”

Though she’s having a better relationship with her family, she is not getting along with her fellow castmate and on again/off again friend Jacqueline Laurita. “Jacqueline right now is the problem child.” Teresa teased that things between her and Jacqueline will get even more explosive when the show takes a trip to Vermont, saying, “Things are said, things are revealed.”

Despite all the drama, she isn’t letting it affect her and revealed how she really feels about cousins Kathy and Rosie, who she has also clashed with on the show. She declared, “They don’t want a relationship with me, they just want to be on TV.”