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‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges React to Flaming-Arrow Stunt Mishap

‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges React to Flaming-Arrow Stunt Mishap

Last night, the “America’s Got Talent" judges were left shocked after contestant Ryan Stock, a Canadian daredevil and sword swallower, was accidentally shot in the neck with a flaming arrow by his fiancée Amber Lynn Walker, who was supposed to hit a target by his mouth. Things didn’t go quite as planned and the stuntman was eventually checked out by paramedics after the judges stopped the show.

Following the live show, “Extra’s” Terri Seymour got the judges’ reactions to the mishap, which could have turned deadly. Host Nick Cannon called the incident, “An intense moment."

Howie Mandel, who encouraged Ryan to see the EMTs from the judges table, shared, “A lot of great acts, a lot of danger, I love every moment of the show, but there was one moment I didn’t love, but I probably didn’t love it as much as Ryan didn’t love it — he got hit in the neck with the flaming arrow… He is fine, he saw the medic… My heart dropped. That is beyond dangerous. I’m always afraid of how far people are willing to push it to win this show.”

Simon agreed, saying, “After the guy’s nearly shot, Howie said the right thing.” He added, “I thought it was part of the act at one point, then I realized he was really hurt and I think he was putting on a brave face, but that’s what happens when you put on live TV.”

Mel B also thought it was part of the act and pointed out it was the first time she saw someone get hurt on the show. “He got checked out, he’s fine… He’s got quite a welt on his neck.”

Despite the scary moment, Ryan was able to hit the red carpet after the show as well. He said, “I walked away pretty lucky. We just had a misfire with the bow — we just reviewed the footage.” His fiancée promised the show will go on, emphasizing, ”We're not going to stop doing this stunt, we’re just gonna double-, triple-check things.” Ryan went on to say, “I’m very unlucky that the bow misfired, but very lucky it misfired the way it did.”

Catch tonight’s results show of “America’s Got Talent” to see if Ryan is able to continue in the competition.