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Jennifer Lopez Opens Up on Recent Violence: ‘Hate Does Not Fix Anything'

Jennifer Lopez Opens Up on Recent Violence: ‘Hate Does Not Fix Anything'

Over the weekend, Extra’s Terri Seymour caught up with Jennifer Lopez, who attended a special screening for her latest movie “Ice Age: Collision Course” in Los Anglees. On the red carpet, Lopez commented on the recent attacks around the world and why she chose to write a song after the Orlando nightclub shooting with Broadway mega-star Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Jennifer said, “Yes, we get angry. These injustices go on. But we have to concentrate on how we fix that problem… Hate does not fix anything. And love is really the only answer.”

And how is Jennifer showing love during this tough time? She has released a new song — “Love Makes The World Go Round” with Lin-Manuel Miranda. She shared, “I just got this thing inside me that this song needed to go right now. I stalked Lin. I was like, ‘Can you come to the studio?'” Lopez asked him to “…tailor this song that I have for all the senseless acts of violence that's going right now.” As for the process of creating the song, she revealed, “We wrote this song in 20 minutes. It just poured out of us… It's our little contribution, trying to make things better.”

On a lighter note, Lopez also chatted about her eight-year-old son Max’s reaction to her involvement in “Ice Age: Collision Course.” She shared, “He was mad. He was like, ‘Why didn't you tell me you have a new movie coming out? What are you talking about?’ I was like, ‘Oh, yes, baby. Sorry.’" When Terri asked, “So you're the coolest mom ever right now?” Lopez laughed, saying, “You know, every once in a while.”

Though Jennifer plays Shira the saber-toothed tiger in the animated movie, she can also channel her inner tigress in real life, saying, “It is kind of easy for me. I'm a Leo. I'm very feline in that way, yeah.”

The mom is turning 47 next Sunday, but is not sure how she will celebrate just yet. She admitted, “I don't know. I'm working, I'm back in Vegas for a month, so… I'm sure we'll have a moment to cut cake or something.” Jennifer also explained she is not a fan of birthday surprises. “I get one every year almost, but it's anxiety for me. It's like, ‘Oh, what's gonna happen?'”

“Ice Age: Collision Course” hits theaters Friday.