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The 'Bad Moms' Cast Confess Their Real-Life Bad-Mom Moments

The 'Bad Moms' Cast Confess Their Real-Life Bad-Mom Moments

They are hot Hollywood moms in real life, taking on the roles of stressed-out, ready-to-snap parents in the new movie “Bad Moms.”

“Extra’s” Terri Seymour sat down with Jada Pinkett Smith, Christina Applegate, Anna Mumolo, Katherine Hahn, and Mila Kunis, putting them to the test with a rapid-fire quiz about their own bad-mom moments.

Terri asked, “Lying to your kid there’s no more ice cream left — good mom or bad mom?” The ladies gave a unanimous “good mom.”

What about, “Dipping your baby’s pacifier in a glass of booze — good mom or bad mom?”

Mila admitted, “I’ve done it.” Katherine added, “When they’re teething, apparently, it’s great. No judgment.” Mila insisted, “It disinfects. It’s fine, you guys… It’s a natural disinfectant; you think I’m kidding. I’ve done it.”

Is it okay to pretend to be sick so your spouse will watch the kids? Jada answered with a smile, “Good mom.” Katherine responded, “Really practical mom.” Christina could relate, saying, “My husband’s going to see this. I’ve pretended to be asleep in the morning so he would go make breakfast.” Katherine then revealed, “Oh, I fully have done that as well.”

Terri then asked, “Putting wine in your smoothie while you’re at the park with the kids?” The women said that’s disgusting. Christina chimed in, “It would curdle, but I’m not going to lie, in New York City, where there’s no driving for me, my girlfriend and I took our kids to the park and we had a little hooch.” Mila said, “I’ve had a rosé at lunch and continued my day with her, not in a car, but on foot, absolutely.”

Christina added, “No, that’s essential for some days.”

See more bad-mom moments when “Bad Moms” hits theaters July 28.