Could Mitt Romney Return to Politics? He Answers!

Could Mitt Romney Return to Politics? He Answers!

The usually buttoned-up former presidential candidate Mitt Romney showed off a different side this weekend as he went shirtless in full “Nacho Libre” mode as a luchador at his son Josh’s annual CharityVision fight night.

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez was invited to participate in the event, taking on Oscar De La Hoya to raise money, and sat down exclusively with the former Governor of Massachusetts. Romney gave his views on the current political landscape and revealed whether he would ever make a return.

Mario asked Romney, a Republican, about the slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Romney replied, “I don’t think the campaign, at least on our side of the aisle, has been covered with glory over the past several months. Instead, I think it’s gone to a very low level and I think people around the world wonder what’s going on in America and don’t quite understand the rhetoric and the insults that have been launched. It’s very unfortunate. I hope we can see a more dignified campaign moving forward on both sides.”

Commenting on what he believes will become the focus of the election for voters, “Right now a lot of folks are saying ‘Hey, what’s the future for me and my kids?’”

Mario asked the big question… does Mitt foresee politics in his future? “I have no idea what’s in my future; my whole career has been kind of a surprise to me. The idea that I even got involved in politics was not something that I expected, and the Olympic experience, I’m not an athlete and here I was helping to organize the Olympics in 2002, so I take what comes and if an opportunity opens and there’s a need I’ll step in and do what I can.”

One thing he is absolutely ruling out: a stint on “Dancing with the Stars.” Mitt said, “Not a chance, not a chance — that requires actual talent. What I do in this ring with these guys is just run around for a couple of seconds… 'Dancing with the Stars,’ those guys are amazing and I get tapped out in the first round.”

Click here for more information about CharityVision, and check out the video of Mario sparring with one of his boxing idols, Oscar De La Hoya, below!