The Latest Twist in Bizarre Twin-Death Story

The Latest Twist in Bizarre Twin-Death Story
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Alison Dadow was charged with second-degree murder after allegedly driving off a 200-foot cliff in Maui and killing her identical twin sister Ann.

Now, a judge has dropped the charge for lack of evidence.

Alison’s attorney Todd Eddins told KHON 2, "We cross-examined them. They presented their evidence and the judge essentially found that there was not enough evidence to sustain the charge.”

He continued, "The sisters had an exceptionally close bond even by identical twin standards. This is a devastating, heart-shattering tragedy for Alison and her family,” adding that the murder charge was “extreme and coldhearted.”

Witnesses say that the twins, who recently changed their names to Alexandria and Anastasia Duval, were arguing before their Ford Explorer accelerated and drove off the cliff. Court records obtained by KHON-2indicate that Alison made no attempt to brake.

Although Alison is not being charged with murder, she remains behind bars due to a charge stemming from a previous arrest.

The sisters, 37, had a troubled past.

They were well-known in Palm Beach, Florida, for their Twin Power Yoga studios, but they unexpectedly closed shop in 2014. GossipExtra claims they left without paying employees or refunding members.

They moved to Utah, where they opened another studio, but later filed for bankruptcy. The twins moved to Hawaii in December.

People says that a failed reality show deal, along with financial troubles, allegedly put a strain on their relationship.

Both have criminal records. According to GossipExtra, Alison’s rap sheet includes suspicion of driving under the influence, fleeing the scene of an accident, driving without proof of insurance, public intoxication, and disorderly conduct.

Ann’s record included public intoxication, disorderly conduct, assault on a police officer, and interference with an arrest, disorderly intoxication, battery and resisting arrest, as well as other misdemeanors.