'The Voice' Results Live Blog! Who's In and Who's Out?

'The Voice' Results Live Blog! Who's In and Who's Out?

We’re live-blogging the “The Voice” Season 10 results episode tonight!

At the start of the show, the remaining contestants include:

  • Team Pharrell Williams: Hannah Huston
  • Team Adam Levine: Laith Al-Saadi and Shalyah Fearing
  • Team Christina Aguilera: Alisan Porter, Bryan Bautista, Nick Hagelin
  • Team Blake Shelton: Adam Wakefield, Mary Sarah and Paxton Ingram

Read on to find out who was safe and who went home this week!


8:59 PM: Who was instantly saved? It is Paxton Ingram! Unfortunately that means Nick Hagelin is going home.

8:52 PM: It is time for "The Voice" instant save! Vote for Paxton or Nick now!

8:47 PM: Now it is Nick Hagelin's turn to sing for his life. He chose Eric Clapton's "Change the World."

8:43 PM: Paxton Ingram is singing Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" as his last chance number.

8:38 PM: That means Paxton Ingram from Team Blake and Nick Hagelin from Team Xtina are in the bottom two.

8:37 PM: America also saved from Team Shalyah Fearing from Team Adam!

8:35 PM: The four remaining contestants take the stage. America saved... Alisan Porter from Team Xtina!

8:30 PM: Time to find out who else is moving on to the next round. Looks like Laith Al-Saadi from Team Adam and Mary Sarah from Team Blake are in!

8:29 PM: The contestants are back onstage, where Paxton talks about what a great time he's had on the show, while Alisan talks balancing her dream with having a family.

8:27 PM: Now "Conner" and Adam Levine take the stage to sing "I'm So Humble." It must be from Andy's new Lonely Planet movie "Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping," which opens June 3.

8:22 PM: It looks like "The Voice" contestants had a funny advisor this week... Andy Samberg! He's playing a musician named Conner 4 Real, and we don't recommend the artists take his misguided advice.

8:17 PM: Who else is safe? Bryan Bautista from Team Xtina and Adam Wakefield from Team Blake!

8:15 PM: The contestants take the stage again. Bryan says the most memorable moment for him so far was returning for the battle rounds, that's when he knew it was real. Shalyah revealed her song choice on Monday was influenced by her grandmother, calling her an "inspiration."

8:12 PM: James Bay takes "The Voice" stage to sing his hit song "Let It Go."

8:06 PM: Time for the first save! Hannah Huston from Team Pharrell is moving on to the next round!

8:04 PM: The Top 9 take the stage. Hannah is talking about how much she's learned on the show, while Mary Sarah confessed she's been getting a lot of proposals and promposals since she's been on the show.

8:00 PM: It's time! The show kicks off with the coaches talking up their teams.