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Tori Spelling Stranded in France — Find Out Why!

Tori Spelling Stranded in France — Find Out Why!

Reality star and actress Tori Spelling is reportedly battling bronchial pneumonia in Paris, according to Daily Mail.

Spelling and her family are currently stranded in France since she’s too ill to travel home. She was diagnosed with pneumonia at the end of her European trip with husband Dean McDermott and their four kids.

A source shared, "Tori was really sick, so the family returned to Paris. But when she saw a doctor there, he felt she had developed bronchial pneumonia, and insisted she was not fit to fly. Since then, Tori has been resting in a hotel room while Dean has been trying to find things to keep the kids busy."

Their family vacation started in Denmark, where she attended the Zulu Awards in Copenhagen. Another source revealed, "They got to visit the Tivoli Gardens, and take a boat ride through the canals of Copenhagen. The kids had a ball and Tori and Dean got to spend a little romantic time together, too."

After exploring Denmark, the family flew to France, where they took a tour of the Seine, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Louvre. After a few days staying at Château de Curzay, a hotel in Curzay-sur-Vonne, Tori reportedly started feeling sick.

Another insider added, "And even though Paris is a wonderful place for a holiday, the kids are getting restless and want to get back to school and their friends. And Dean and Tori both need to get back to L.A. for work. They were originally scheduled to fly back this past weekend. But now no one is sure just how much longer it will be before Tori is well enough to make the trip. In the meantime, they are all grounded in Paris."