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Brother Speaks Out about Mysterious Death of Former Child Star Michael Galeota

Brother Speaks Out about Mysterious Death of Former Child Star Michael Galeota

Michael Galeota, who starred on Disney Channel’s “The Jersey” as a teenager, was found dead at age 31 in his L.A. apartment in January. Now, his brother Jimmy is speaking out on Michael’s passing.

Jimmy, 29, explained to People, "We don't know exactly what happened. It's a lot of confusion.”

He continued, "The police immediately were looking for suicides notes, but there was no indication of anything like that. That was the first thing that they did. They went through the apartment, they looked for suicide notes, they looked for pills, but there was nothing. They couldn't find anything. Which is why we've all got a big question mark. We don't know what to think."

The brothers had lost their mother to cancer a few months earlier, but Jimmy said in the days leading up to Michael’s death, he seemed okay.

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Michael had been texting with friends the day before he died, and had recently made plans to go to Coachella. He had also shared long-term plans, like wanting to get married and have kids.

The coroner’s report says that Michael died of natural causes, but he wasn’t suffering from any prolonged illnesses. He did complain of abdominal pain and stomach cramps before he died. A toxicology report is forthcoming.

"My family and I are concerned that he was not getting diagnosed properly," Jimmy said. "We're seeing reports from various doctors with different diagnoses about Mike's health. We're confused as to why one doctor would not pick up the other doctor's diagnosis."

TMZ has claimed that Michael may have suffered from alcohol issues. He was arrested for three DUIs between 2006 and 2015.