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Mario Lopez on the Campaign Trail with Marco Rubio

Mario Lopez on the Campaign Trail with Marco Rubio

Only “Extra’s” Mario Lopez was granted rare access to presidential candidate Marco Rubio on the campaign trail today. Mario joined Marco on his campaign bus as he traveled through South Carolina on a mission to take down Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

Fresh off this weekend’s Republican debate, which started with a moment of silence for Justice Antonin Scalia, then quickly got heated, Rubio told Mario, “The questions ultimately drive it in that direction. This is a competition, people are competing, so you're going to get some of that.”

He continued, “Obama and Clinton went at it for 50 states in 2008, and they said some things about each other and they ended up working in the same administration… It's a part of the process, and move on, and it makes for good TV. I understand CBS had the highest ratings of any debate so far.”

The Senator also took on the hot-button issues in the headlines, including diversity in Hollywood. “I think it’s such an irony that Hollywood is facing that.” Rubio said he doesn’t know what the Academy Awards process is. “I haven’t seen it, but I hear it should have been nominated, ‘Straight Outta Compton,’ because that was the music I grew up with a little bit.”

Also speaking out about police violence, “I don’t want to see us reach this point, as some are arguing that police officers are out there hunting down innocent people, that’s just absurd.”

Weighing in on gun control, he added, “Gun laws only prevent law-abiding people from being able to protect themselves and that’s why I’m such a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.”

The 2nd Amendment is only one of the issues on which Americans are split. Rubio's plan for unifying the country if he becomes President... “By not pitting us against each other, people can disagree on things, doesn’t mean they are evil… the important thing is you can’t have a President that tries to pit people against each other on purpose… I think we do have issues in this country we’re going to have to confront… We have a significant percentage of the American family that believes they are treated differently because of the color of their skin or their heritage.”

Rubio revealed that in the worst case scenario if he does not get the Republican nomination he will support whoever does, “Because no matter who it is, anyone’s better than Bernie or Hillary in terms of being the next President of the United States.” He smiled, “But I’m pretty sure I won’t have that choice to make, because it’s going to be me.”

As for if he was asked to be Vice President, “I’m not interested in that, that’s not what I’m thinking about either, I’m running for President.” He joked, “If that doesn’t work out, I’m going to try and land an entertainment show or something.”