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Wiz Khalifa on Kanye West Feud: ‘It’s All Good'

Wiz Khalifa on Kanye West Feud: ‘It’s All Good'
Rapper Wiz Khalifa is opening up on how he and Kanye West buried the hatchet after their recent Twitter feud.

Khalifa told Hot 97 on Tuesday, "We spoke on the phone. Kim and Amber spoke on the phone. It's all good. I don't think that that’s anything that wouldn't happen between anybody else. That could've happened between any person, but the way that we settled it, and the way that we bounced back. That's all that matters.” Watch!

Many speculated that Wiz and Kanye ended their squabble since they are both releasing new albums. Wiz shut down the rumors, saying, "It's the universe. The universe puts a lot of things. It could've went down many different ways. Individually we all have control. When you put certain elements together, you can make something that people see as impossible.”

On the same day, Wiz revealed that he received an apology from Kanye after his rant against Wiz, son Sebastian, and Kanye’s ex, Amber Rose. He said to New York’s Power 105.1, "I think everybody was [surprised by Kanye's reaction], but it's cool. Everything's cool. We spoke; it's all good. He apologized and I accept his apology.”

Amber and Kim Kardashian recently grabbed the headlines for posting a selfie together after the Twitter spat between Kanye and Wiz. Thought Wiz and Amber are no longer together, they are friendly exes. He said, "I love Amber. That's the mother of my kid. We're best friends, and we work together, and that's a solid relationship.”