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How Oprah Winfrey Made $12 Million from One Tweet

How Oprah Winfrey Made $12 Million from One Tweet
Mogul Oprah Winfrey can do what many of us can’t do in an hour… make millions from just one tweet.

On Tuesday, Winfrey reportedly earned $12 million from tweeting, "Eat bread. Lose weight. Whaaatttt? #ComeJoinMe.” The tweet also included a video of Oprah promoting Weight Watchers and declaring, "I lost 26 pounds, and I have eaten bread every single day.”

After her tweet, Weight Watchers shares increased by 18%, according to Market Watch. Winfrey owns 6.4 million shares, which translates to about $12 million if she decides to sell.

The next day, Oprah attended a private Weight Watchers Q&A, where she opened up about her weight-loss struggles. She shared, "I was really at my wits' end. I had tried everything.”

Aside from becoming even richer, Oprah explained why she is embracing Weight Watchers. "At the end of a 17-lb. gain, I just thought, 'Wow, there has got to be a way that I can eat what I want and not feel obsessed with the idea of what I'm not getting.’ Because the moment you tell me that I'm not going to have carbs, that's all I can think about, is when I'm going to get a potato. So it's taken that obsession out of it for me. I know I'm going to manage it."