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Jamie Foxx Is 'Blown Away' by Daughter Corinne Being Named Miss Golden Globe

Jamie Foxx Is 'Blown Away' by Daughter Corinne Being Named Miss Golden Globe
Jamie Foxx is a one proud dad – his daughter, Corinne, 21, was just announced this year's Miss Golden Globe by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association!

The annual title of Mister or Miss Golden Globe is typically given to the child of a celebrity.

"Extra" caught up with Jamie and Corinne after the news. "I'm just blown away," Jamie said. "Corinne has developed into a beautiful girl, which is tough on a father… It's fantastic that she can experience this, because she's always been cool."

Though Foxx has adjusted to the idea of his daughter dating, he's not above doling out advice for his little girl. "Never let a man devalue what you do." Less seriously, he joked, "I tell guys all the time, 'As long as you respect her, and have a bulletproof vest, you good.'"
Corinne, a USC senior, model, and aspiring actress, said being named Miss Golden Globe is a like a dream come true for her and Jamie. "I could do anything and he would be so excited for me, so this is, like, a huge deal — he's over the moon."

When asked about the advice that Jamie has given to her for the gig, Corinne revealed, "I've kind of just been by his side the whole time, so I've observed a lot, but I think the advice he always gives me is: Save a little happiness for yourself."

Though she hasn't decided on her dress yet, she knows who will be right by her side at the Golden Globes. "My dad's normally my go-to date; he takes me everywhere. I feel like he should be there as well. I could't ask for a better dad!"