Did 'The Walking Dead' Really Kill Off a Major Character? New Theories the Person Could Be Alive

Did 'The Walking Dead' Really Kill Off a Major Character? New Theories the Person Could Be Alive

Fans of “The Walking Dead” are still in shock after Sunday night’s episode.


At the end of the show, Nicholas and Glenn take a wrong turn and are surrounded by zombies. They climb on top of a dumpster, but Nicholas cracks under the pressure and shoots himself in the head. As he falls, he takes Glenn with him.

Viewers were horrified as the walkers swarmed them, and Glenn was shown screaming as the undead tore out his entrails.

It sounds bad, but fans are still holding out hope that Glenn is still alive.

We’ve rounded up the most popular theories floating around online.


1. The entrails belonged to Nicholas: The clever camera angles used in the scene made it unclear if the innards were really Glenn’s. Maybe Rhee was screaming as he watched Nicholas being torn apart.

2. Glenn knows how to get out of a jam: He probably rolled under the dumpster or covered himself in zombie guts to make his getaway.

3. A friend came to his rescue: Remember last season when Morgan saved Daryl and Aaron when they were trapped in that car? Perhaps someone like Enid will make it to Glenn in time.

4. Steven Yeun did not appear on “Talking Dead”: Every time a character dies on “Walking Dead,” the actor appears on “Talking Dead.” Sure, Chris Hardwicke made excuses for why Steven wasn’t on the show, but we’re not buying it.

5. Glenn’s death doesn’t match the comics: The show and the comic books aren’t always in sync, but fans say that killing off Glenn now will definitely disrupt future storylines.

This season, the episodes have flip-flopped between the survivors dealing with the herd, and those still at Alexandria… so we may not know Glenn’s fate until episode 5!