Lady Gaga & Matt Bomer's Bloody Sex Romp Is a Scene Stealer!

Lady Gaga & Matt Bomer's Bloody Sex Romp Is a Scene Stealer!
Last night's season premiere of "American Horror Story: Hotel" pushed the envelope by featuring a blood-soaked orgy scene with Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer.

The two stars recently gave their two cents on the sexy and bloody scenes to THR. Gaga is no stranger to pushing the limits, but the scene wasn't  just another head-turning opportunity for her. She said, "I know what maybe everybody thinks happens is that I get a script and I go, ‘Oh, yay! A foursome. Whoopee!' And it's not just like that. I don't just simply do things because they are provocative or because they are shocking."

She explained, "I'm doing it because the story that [Ryan Murphy] is telling about addiction, the story that he's telling about our own narcissism, the story that he's telling about how the human being strives to survive within the challenges of the universe — that, to me, is what makes the sex so good."

When Bomer read the script for the scene, he admits that he was a bit intimidated, saying, "Um, I think what anybody's reaction would be, which is that you freak out a little bit for sure."

Thankfully, Gaga calmed his nerves and helped him get through the scenes. He gushed, "Thank God Stefani is not only a brilliant actress but also very relatable. She made sure she broke down the walls for all of us. When you're that big of a star, the ball is in your court to level the playing field and make yourself approachable."

The two were able to form a quick bond and let themselves go for the memorable scene. Bomer said, "By the time the cameras were rolling, I was able to relate to her as a friend. I didn't have to think of the mythos of Lady Gaga. We could just play the scene as our characters and not worry about anything else."

"American Horror Story: Hotel" airs Wednesdays on FX.