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Bill O'Reilly on Kanye's Presidential Bid: Does It Get Any Better Than Kim K as First Lady?

Bill O'Reilly on Kanye's Presidential Bid: Does It Get Any Better Than Kim K as First Lady?

"Extra's" AJ Calloway entered Bill O’Reilly's "No Spin Zone" for a new, no-holds-barred, one-on-one interview.

The number-one man in cable news weighed in on the craziest presidential bid, Kanye West's; the surprise candidate, Donald Trump; and his latest book, "Killing Reagan."

When AJ asked about Kim Kardashian as FLOTUS, O'Reilly replied, "Yeah, I mean, does it get better than that?!"

The host of "The O'Reilly Factor" host joked, "Can't wait to have him on the 'Factor.' I'm sure he'll stand up to the questioning."

The FOX News star then praised his friend of 30 years, Donald Trump, saying, "Trump is a brilliant man who's in waters he's never been in before."

Bill also revealed that Trump confided in him before announcing his run. O'Reilly's advice? Don't do it!

"He would say, 'Look, I'm thinking about doing it,' and I would say, 'Don't… you're crazy. They'll attack you' —'they' being the media — but he didn't care about that."

O'Reilly continued, "He's making some mistakes, as anybody would, but he's good for America because he's bringing in so many people to the political process."

"He's a No Spin guy, says what he feels, and that's what I admire."

When AJ asked if America was ready for a female president, Bill replied, "Sure, I mean, there's no difference between men and women and their analytic capabilities… maybe women would be better, because men are just barbarians, as everyone knows."

Bill is also making headlines of his own with his new book "Killing Reagan," from his wildly popular series. The book reveals what the nation didn’t know after the president survived a 1981 assassination attempt.

"We like to write books about people who are icons… so Reagan is a political icon in this country. People either don't like him or they love him." He continued, "I thought I knew what he was all about, but I didn't. His courage [was the most surprising]. He got shot. He was almost dead, he was almost in the ground."

Reagan survived and "he comes out in his jammies with Nancy, cracking wise and the country goes, 'Oh, thank God he's okay,' but he wasn't okay and his mind and his body were affected dramatically. No one knew it. The White House wouldn't tell anybody. His courage to fight through that was enormous." 

O'Reilly stressed that his books are different because there are no anonymous sources and each fact is backed up by two people. He also prides himself on including details that nobody has heard before. For instance, "as a Hollywood guy, big-star Reagan was a carouser, he was a ladies' man. His best friend was Errol Flynn, which is really insane. Ronald Reagan discovered Marilyn Monroe. Nobody knows that!"

The story will also be on National Geographic. "'Killing Reagan' will be a movie. We want to get it on the air a year from now. We think it's going to do very well."

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