Eric Trump Says His Dad Can Take Jabs and Jokes with No Problem

Eric Trump Says His Dad Can Take Jabs and Jokes with No Problem
Over the weekend, "Extra" hung out with Eric Trump and wife Lara at his 2nd Annual Concours d'Elegance with HudsonMOD Magazine event, where they opened up about his father's run for president.

Lara gave her two cents on The Donald's recent feud with FOX News. "He’s wonderful and, obviously, as an American he has the right to freedom of speech, and when he doesn't feel like he's being treated fairly, he has the ability to speak out and that's exactly what we he did, and we obviously stand behind whatever he wants to do, we're all very supportive, very excited for him, very proud of him."

Though Donald has issues with fair treatment, he doesn't have any problem being the butt of jokes or being spoofed on "South Park," according to Eric. "He's a funny guy, he's a pragmatic guy, he's a practical guy… When we sit around as a family around the table, we're constantly going back and forth at each other, and he does have an amazing sense of humor. When you're running for the most important position in the world, you've got to be able to take some blows… He's also certainly willing to give them back when they're deserving — that's what makes him authentic, that's what makes him Donald Trump."

When asked if Trump would have been in attendance if he had not been campaigning, Eric said, "There’s no more supportive person in the world in what we do for kids and charity than him. Obviously, schedules are hectic when you are running for president of the United States, but he's the greatest."

Eric was raising money for The Eric Trump Foundation, which supports St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.