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Justin Theroux Opens Up About HBO Hit Show 'The Leftovers'

Justin Theroux Opens Up About HBO Hit Show 'The Leftovers'

On Monday, “Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with Justin Theroux at a press junket for "The Leftovers," which returns to HBO on Oct. 4.

He teased, "It's a more hopeful season that we're presenting... at least it begins that way." In the new season, Justin's character is making a new start for himself in Texas. "He's got the family that he wished for. Just because you can take the crazy person out of Mapleton doesn't mean crazy doesn't follow them right to Texas, so very quickly they run into their own obstacles. It gets messy, in a great way."

This season Kevin and Nora are leaving Mapleton for an "incredibly unique place, this town where there were zero departures."

Justin explained, "Like Mapleton was consumed with its own grief, this place is consumed with being incredibly special. I think that’s the hopeful thing that Kevin and Nora and the family thinks they are going to find there." He warned that this new set of characters has issues too.

Theroux revealed that viewers probably won't ever know where those 140 million people went. "I think we are going to leave that on the doorstep. We've been very up front about it. I don't think we will ever find out where those people went, and hopefully you will engage the way people reacted to that event."

The show shoots in Austin, Texas. He shared, "It's a great outdoor town." While Theroux is in town, he and Aniston have been spotted on double dates with Sandra Bullock and her new man, Bryan Randall. "She’s got a beautiful little restaurant there… it's the best, it's delicious."

He also dished on his honeymoon with Jennifer Aniston, calling it “so much fun.”

Last month, Jennifer and Justin decided to bring their famous friends, including Courteney Cox, Jason Bateman, and Chelsea Handler, on their honeymoon. He gushed, "It was a fantastic honeymoon. We had thought about it; we could just do a normal honeymoon, or we could go with some friends, keep the party going, relax, and have fun. It was really special, it was really beautiful."

When Renee asked if she should start calling Jennifer “Mrs. Theroux,” he joked, “I made her change both names, so she’s now Justin Theroux.”
The couple hasn't discussed if Jennifer would change her name. He said, "I don't think it would be great if she did. I think 'Aniston' is going to stick with her if she likes it or not."