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Selena Gomez Reflects on Her Relationship with Justin Bieber

Singer Selena Gomez has only love for her ex, Justin Bieber.

After dating on and off for years, she tells Elle magazine that the two are now good friends.

“I’ll forever support him and love him.... we grew up together."

When asked if people want more drama from the exes, she nodded, adding, “We’re too young for that. Nobody was married. There was no... I respect him. And I think he respects me, in a healthy manner.”

Since their last split, Gomez has begun dating again, including a “thing" with Russian DJ Zedd.

"Finding somebody is not my main focus. I’ve dated people. I’ve been on a few dates, which is really exciting. But I’ve never wanted to get into anything serious, because I kind of did that. I have my guard up. I like to meet people in organic settings. Hanging out with a group of people and meeting through mutual people.”

The mag asked if there was any chance she would get back together with the Biebs, and she adamantly answered, “I don’t know!”

The October issue of Elle hits newsstands on Sept. 22.