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Rob Lowe Explains How 'The Grinder' Parallels His Own Life

Rob Lowe Explains How 'The Grinder' Parallels His Own Life
"Extra's" Charissa Thompson caught up with Rob Lowe on the set of his "NFL on FOX" promo shoot, where he chatted about his new role on the FOX series "The Grinder."

"It's a real stretch, first of all," Rob said. "I play a famous television actor who's been on a show forever called 'The Grinder,' and now it's over… and now he thinks because you play a lawyer on TV, you can be one in real life… It’s funny; it's a good group of people."

The role won’t be unfamiliar territory for him, since Rob has played a lawyer numerous times in his career. He added, "My TV family… William Devane, plays my dad and he's a 70-year-old lawyer on the show. My [real-life] dad is a 70-year-old lawyer [and] looks a little bit like Bill Devane... it's all very confusing."

Lowe is one of the busiest actors in Hollywood, but he did say he would make time to be a politician. He joked, "I’m running for Congress — did you know that?… Independent. Green Party. 'Cause it looks good on me."

During the set visit, Rob also revealed some interesting facts about himself in "Extra's" rapid-fire quiz, including what song he likes to dance to, who he would like to work with, and who he would like to meet.