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James Blake Calls for Cop Who Tackled Him to Be Fired

James Blake Calls for Cop Who Tackled Him to Be Fired
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images
James Blake, the former tennis pro who was tackled by an undercover NYPD officer in a case of mistaken identity this week, is now saying he feels the officer should be fired.

HuffingtonPost reports that Blake told Associated Press that Officer James Frascatore is someone who should not "ever have a badge or a gun again."

Blake asserts that the first thing he told Officer Frascatore was, "I'm 100 percent cooperating." Frascatore has several complaints against him, including four lawsuits for excessive force.

Blake told CNN that he's watched the video of himself being tackled by Frascatore "a few times now, and they talk about being desensitized when you see something a lot, and I'm definitely not at that point because it still strikes a nerve. It's still so frustrating and angering to see how vulnerable I was and what he did with that. To be a police officer you're given a lot of rights, you're given certain powers. And then to abuse them is just wrong."