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Ellen's 'Gardener,' Billy Reilich, Gets Seriously Sexy in New Snaps

Ellen's 'Gardener,' Billy Reilich, Gets Seriously Sexy in New Snaps
Kimber Capriotti
You laughed along with him when he was playing Ellen's shirt-shucking gardener, "Nick," but Billy Reilich is taking shirtlessness to the next level in a series of sun-kissed photos by photographer Kimber Capriotti, with grooming by Lydia Brock.

Reilich relocated to Los Angeles from Ohio once his regular appearances on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" drew attention to his acting career, landing a brief appearance in "Magic Mike XXL." Now, he's focusing on modeling, appearing in a shoot that calls to mind vintage Calvin Klein or those '80s Soloflex ads featuring Scott Madsen.

BillyR KC1604 MR

"It's weird being where I am now," Billy tells ExtraTV.com exclusively. "I went from lifting weights so I didn't get beat up on the basketball court too much to working my body to be able to grow as best I can for whatever the project may be."

He says that he still sweats it when he knows he has a big shoot like this one.

"I may have one or two days' notice to get ready for a photo shoot. I always want to put out the best product."

BillyR KC1528 MR

Though he has high standards for himself, Billy is especially happy with this latest shoot, even if he worries about reactions from his inner circle.

"I love getting finished products back; it's an awesome feeling seeing what my body can do and what an artist can capture. Sometimes I get nervous posting parts of my shoots. I have family and close friends following me that I'm sure get red in the face when they see them. Like, in this most recent shoot, I'm basically only in underwear, and in a few I'm not wearing underwear at all! Those might just get kept secret for a while."

BillyR KC1698 MR

He looks like a Greek statue, so you may find Billy's assessment of his progress baffling.

"When all's said and done, I think my body has a long way to go before it's where I want it to be. But people give me compliments, and I love every one of them."

You can give him a few compliments over at his Facebook page or on Instagram.

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