Jericho the Lion Is Alive and Well!

Jericho the Lion Is Alive and Well!
Oxford University
Following international outrage over the allegedly illegal killing of Zimbabwe's iconic Cecil the Lion by American trophy hunter Walter Palmer, the Internet blew up yesterday at reports that Cecil's brother, Jericho, had also been shot.

A post on the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force's Facebook page read: "It is with huge disgust and sadness that we have just been informed that Jericho, Cecil's brother has been killed at 4pm today. We are absolutely heart broken. We will update you all as soon as we have more details."

The organization's head, Johnny Rodrigues, had confirmed the shocking death to CNN.

However, People reports that there is now confirmation that Jericho — who is not Cecil's biological brother, as reports had suggested — is very much alive.
Brent Stapelkamp, a field researcher, tells Reuters that Jericho's collar is now giving off signals. Today, Stapelkamp and Oxford University posted a brand-new image of Jericho as proof of life.

Who are you gonna believe, the Internet or your lion eyes? 

In related news, Cecil's killer, Palmer, has reportedly "reached out" to U.S. authorities, who had been seeking him in conjunction with a Zimbabwean investigation into Cecil's shooting.