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Ashley Monroe Speaks Out About Blake & Miranda’s Tweets

Ashley Monroe Speaks Out About Blake & Miranda’s Tweets

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are not married anymore, but that hasn’t stopped them from supporting their mutual friend and fellow country artist Ashley Monroe.

Shelton and Lambert made headlines when the now divorced couple tweeted at each other on Friday to plug Monroe’s new album. “Extra’s” special correspondent Alecia Davis was with Ashley today in New York where she revealed she knew they were going to tweet.

“Blake had told me, ‘We’re gonna tweet' and I was like ‘What!?' And he goes, ‘You’ll just have to see,' and I saw it go down and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh this is so brilliant.’ These are two of my best friends, totally helping me out, making people talk about it, making people pay attention, and I just thought that shows their character — they really do love me, and love my record and support me even through hard times.”

Ashley said she did see a surge in her music and followers after the tweets. “I texted them both that night. I was like, I’m number one on iTunes and I had like a million more followers, I’m sure they were like, ‘Who is this girl?' but I’m very grateful.”

Miranda joined Ashley on stage last week just two days after the divorce was finalized to sing from her new album. Ashley said Miranda just wants to see her “shine.” “She’s just my champion… I don’t think she will ever stop championing me until I’m on top of the charts. She’s very proud.”

Monroe, a member of Lambert’s “Pistol Annies” girl group, also sang with Shelton on his last album. She is proud of her third record, “The Blade.” “This one I feel like really shows the songs I’m writing as a 28-year-old woman, where I am in my life as a 28-year-old woman. I’ve matured and l listen to all kinds of music. I just let that all influence me and made something that I’m really proud of.”