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Paul Rudd Gave Up ‘Everything’ for 'Ant-Man' Transformation

Paul Rudd Gave Up ‘Everything’ for 'Ant-Man' Transformation
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Actor Paul Rudd stepped out of his usual rom-com roles and stepped into his superhero gear for “Ant-Man." Glamour recently interviewed the star about what hoops he had to jump through to become the Marvel superhero.
Rudd revealed that staying true to the Ant-Man diet meant he had to give up everything.
“Everything. Everything… how much I enjoyed the commitment it takes. For a good chunk of a year, getting fit became the focus of my day.”
The 46-year-old actor said that his basement’s large bar had to be stocked in a different way. “I stocked it with a lot more club soda than usual.”
Though he’s stepped into the superhero realm, Paul still wants to continue playing the modern, romantic characters that he’s known for. He said he enjoys those characters because he’s drawn to them.
“People think men just talk about sex all the time. It’s such a frat-guy cliche. I’ve always thought, that’s not me and my friends. I want to talk about what’s going on in my friends’ lives and how they’re doing, and they want the same.”
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