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Emmys: Uzo Aduba Reacts to Supporting Actress Nom for ‘OITNB'

Emmys: Uzo Aduba Reacts to Supporting Actress Nom for ‘OITNB'
"Orange Is the New Black" star Uzo Aduba chatted with "Extra’s” Charissa Thompson after the Emmy nominees announcement on Thursday morning in Los Angeles.

Uzo called her mom immediately following the big news of her Supporting Actress nomination.

“She was so excited, she was like congratulations my dear, well done! I think she is like sewing it as we speak,” Uzo told Charissa.

"Orange Is the New Black" has thrust Aduba into the spotlight and taught her some life lessons along the way. “It made me think more is possible, anything is possible."  

Not only did Uzo grab a nomination, "Orange Is the New Black” is also nominated for Outstanding Drama Series.

“When they said our show, I shouted because I couldn’t believe it. That was not on the script that I got. The script that I got said something else," the actress revealed.   

As for how she’s feeling after her nomination, Uzo said, "I just feel gratitude.”