How Colin Farrell Got His Dad Bod for 'The Lobster'

How Colin Farrell Got His Dad Bod for 'The Lobster'
Kristy Sparow/Getty Images & Sony
Colin Farrell needed to pack on 40 pounds for his role in "The Lobster," the dystopian Sony film about a near-future world where singles are arrested, so he resorted to a reverse diet that sounds like a typical Memorial Day weekend feast.

Farrell stars in "The Lobster" with Rachel Weisz. [Cred: Sony]

According to the Daily Mail, Farrell gorged on pizza, cheeseburgers, and Haagen-Dazs ice cream (sometimes nuked in the microwave so he could chug it down more easily). Breakfast was two slices of chocolate cake.

It worked like a charm, and only took two months.

"I gasped," Farrell told the Hollywood Reporter of the moment when he saw himself shirtless in the movie. "I'd forgotten what [I] looked like."

"The Lobster" played at Cannes and will be released by Sony later this year.