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Jill Duggar on How She’s Coping After C-Section

“19 Kids and Counting” star Jill Duggar is on the mend after welcoming son Israel David Dillard via C-section on April 6.

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The new mom, who was in labor for 70 hours, opened up to People about how she’s doing now, saying, “I am getting better. I am still recovering. I am trying not to overdo it.”

The reality star added that she has stopped using pain meds to make sure she’s not doing too much.

"One day I felt really good and I did too much that day, and the next day, I paid for it," she said. "The pain around my incision depends on what I've done that day, and if I've rested enough or not."

Luckily, her sisters, mom Michelle and mother-in-law Cathy are helping out. "I am so grateful for the help of my family," she said. "I have had one of my sisters, my mother or Derick's mother here with me most of the time now that Derick has gone back to work. It is really a blessing to have family close by to reach out to."

Her mom is also a great resource because four of her nineteen children were born via C-section. "She has such great practical advice,” she said. “All the repercussions of a C-section are new to me, and she is such a huge blessing.”