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Iggy Azalea Opens Up About Her Decision to Go Under the Knife

“Extra” enlisted “General Hospital” child star Nicolas Bechtel as a secret weapon on the orange carpet at this year’s Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. The 10-year-old actor did not hold anything back, asking celebrities the big questions.

Bechtel even asked Iggy Azalea about her recent revelation that she had her breasts enhanced. Nicolas asked, “You talked about getting some work done. Why did you feel the need to be open and tell people?”

Iggy smiled, “I didn't think you'd be the one asking me this question!” She went on to explain, “Just because I think it's so common and I knew so many people in my regular life that had done it and had a good experience. I’ve never seen any celebrities talk about it, although I know 80 percent of them have done it too, and I wanted to kind of tell women that might be thinking about it my experience and that it can not necessarily be a bad thing… that's why I did it.”

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