Who Is Christina Aguilera’s Secret Weapon for ‘The Voice’?

Who Is Christina Aguilera’s Secret Weapon for ‘The Voice’?
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Singer Christina Aguilera is back for Season 8 of “The Voice” and revealed to “Extra’s” Renee Bargh that her secret weapon is none other than Nick Jonas, who is teaming up with Aguilera as her team’s mentor!

Jonas is ready to help Aguilera bring home a win, admitting he would not have done too well on a competition show like “The Voice.” He said, “I would have been so bad. This is not an environment I feel would have been good for me because I get nervous in front of people especially in smaller rooms. When you go and play in front of a big crowd, I feel like that’s easier than being in front of two people or three.”

Nick did say he is “blown away” by the contestants so far. “There’s so many good singers on this show. It’s in the early stages now, but you can already see the potential in these people.” Xtina added, “They’re doing really good. We have a good team right now.”

The two not only give advice to the team, but they also remember the best piece of advice they have ever gotten. Nick said, “Early on, my dad told me and my brothers, ‘Live like you’re at the bottom even when you're at the top.’ Those moments when you have the waves of success and good times. For me it was about trying to stay as good as possible. It’s been helpful in my life and career.”

The best advice Aguilera could give her team? “If I were to go back and relive things I think I would have told myself, ‘Don’t stress and overthink things. It will all work itself out’ and it does.”

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