Elisabeth Hasselbeck on 'The View': 'I've Done My Time'

Would Elisabeth Hasselbeck ever return to “The View”? It doesn’t sound like it.

When she stopped by the “Rachael Ray Show” this week, the host asked if she would ever return to the “revolving table” at “The View.”

Elisabeth explained, “No, I’ve done my time. I did my time, I was outta there.”

Hasselbeck went on to say that she was very happy with her current gig at “Fox & Friends.”

"It's a great mix where we are. You know, when you're so happy where you are, you can't think of being anywhere else?"

The 37-year-old, who left “The View” in 2013, continued, "I was thankful to have the decade that I did there… and you know what? You break up with me, I'm not going to kiss you!"