Holy Blizzard! Celebrities React to Snowmageddon 2015

As Winter Storm Juno descended on the Northeast Monday night and Tuesday, disrupting travel and paralyzing major cities, Hollywood A-listers tweeted their reactions.

Holy Blizzard! Celebrities React to Snowmageddon 2015
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Here’s what they had to say:
Justin Bieber: “Everyone on the east coast be safe with the storm coming."
Billy Eichner: “The entire cast of Kinky Boots has already died. #blizzardof2015.”
Michael Ian Black: “Lord, please let it snow so much that everything is canceled for two weeks but my Internet remains on and there’s plenty of grilled cheese.” 
Emmy Rossum: “Wishing I was in NY for this snow storm.”
Snooki: “Everyone be safe on the east coast with this blizzard! Just stay inside, watch movies and drink hot cocoa.”
Gilbert Gottfried: “How do you tell a Snow Man from a Snow Woman? Snow Balls. I apologize to all Snow People. RT Immediately! #blizzardof2015.”
Miles Teller: “Hey New Yorkers, I was once stuck in a stranger’s apartment during a blizzard for 48 hours & I filmed the entire thing @TwoNightStand.”
Kirstie Alley: “Good morning!!! I wish I was in NYC snowed in… is it really an UBER blizzard? Or just News Channel Panic?” 
Ronan Farrow: “On the upside, Congressional productivity was frozen solid well in advance of the #blizzardof2015.”
Chris Harrison: “The only cure for #SuperStorm2015 is a hot new episode of #TheBachelor.”
Lena Dunham: “Hope you’re enjoying this suspenseful will-she-or-won’t-she blizzard story (aka sorry!) There was a med student writing a paper on UTIs next to me at the gate and I was like DO YOU NEED FIRST PERSON STORIES!? A gate agent in a nice hat called me precious and I teared up. I have only A 1 sauce waiting for me in my house in NYC. Not even complaining.”
Jesse Tyler Ferguson: “When is someone in NYC going to start instagraming photos of the snow?”
Hugh Jackman loaded up on pasta:

Bring it on!!! #Snowstorm2015 #CarbLoad

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Kristin Chenoweth joked: