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Kim Kardashian's BIG Selfie Reveal

Kim Kardashian's a reality TV queen... she's got an Internet breakin' booty... and now she's "Selfish."  As in, she's the author of the new selfie-o-rama dish and show-all book "Selfish." 

Kim K tweeted out the cleavage baring shot of her in a nude colored top with the caption, "So proud to share the cover of my new book Selfish, out in May!"  The book of selfies is sure to be jam packed with super sexy shots.  

K-dash opened up to our Renee Bargh on the red carpet about the book, "I've like accumulated so many selfies over the years that no one's seen. And there's even a section of all the selfies I've sent Kanye over the years... really racy ones... and he kept them. So they might make the book.  There's thousands and thousands of selfies that we've sifted through." 

On Twitter she also thanked her husband for inspiring her to "Share a decade of selfies in such an intimate and artistic way!"  

Kim and her BFF Brittany Gastineau gave "Extra" an exclusive video tutorial on how to take the perfect selfie. Kim reminded everyone, "No duck face," while admitting she loves to make the face herself "because it gives you cheekbones."