Scott Foley: 'I Know Exactly What Happens Between Jake and Olivia' on 'Scandal'

“Extra’s” Tracey Edmonds caught up with Scott Foley at Universal Studios Hollywood. Scott dished on his role in the ABC hit, “Scandal” and his new movie, “Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife”. 

Scott Foley: 'I Know Exactly What Happens Between Jake and Olivia' on 'Scandal'

Tracey asked Scott, who plays Jake Ballard in “Scandal,” what he has to say to fans who might have mixed feelings about his character.

Scott replied, “I appreciate the mixed feelings. The good and the bad, that’s what you want. You want people to feel strongly one way or another. The tide has turned a little bit where in the beginning they felt very strongly against my character. Nobody really liked me. They’ve sort of come to my side. However, the people that haven’t, I think they need to remember that everything Jake does he does for a reason usually it’s in the name of the republic or on Olivia’s behalf.”

As for what Shonda Rhimes and the writers of "Scandal" have in store for Jake Ballard, Scott said, ”Well that’s the terrifying thing… A.) I don’t know what Shonda has in store for my character and B.) Shonda and the writers of ‘Scandal’ have a fantastic way of lifting these characters up so you really believe in them which is really what happened to Jake this season, but then they take them down and make you hate them.“

What about the future of Jake and Olivia (Kerry Washington)? Scott didn't reveal much, “Oh I know exactly what happens between me and Olivia it just hasn’t aired yet. Unfortunately there’s not a whole lot I can tell you. I can say that I am still alive, that Olivia is still alive which means that anything is possible.”

Scott also made his directorial debut with his new movie, “Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife,” explaining, “You can expect a very dark comedy about a group of friends who come together as a group to take care of a problem. It’s a really small, fun movie about a certain time in your life when you’re losing your friends due to marriage and kids and everyone’s sort of falling apart and the steps that these friends go to make sure they don’t lose one of their own. I wrote it. I directed it. I acted in it.”