'The Voice'! Carson Daly Gives Us the Wildcard 101

UPDATE! Damien is the fourth finalist! He will join Chris Jamison, Matt McAndrew and Craig Wayne Boyd for the finale. was on the red carpet at “The Voice” Top 5 party, where Carson Daly gave reporters the 411 on Tuesday’s wildcard episode.

'The Voice'! Carson Daly Gives Us the Wildcard 101
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The host and producer explained, “We are going to announce immediately who America saved, which is three people. Two will immediately ‘go home.’ They won’t really go home, they will be a part of a group of nine.”

'The Voice' Wildcard Live Blog! 

He continued, “All nine will have their 90-second one last performance and then America will save one of them and that will be the fourth wild card finalist.”

Voting closes at 3 AM, and Carson will announce the winner on Wednesday on the "Today" show.

Carson said the idea behind the wildcard was sports inspired. “We take a lot of what we do from sports, and the NFL does such a great job at that too. It is fun to watch a wildcard team get a chance in this David and Goliath scenario.”

Pharrell, who will be relying on the wildcard for a chance to win the show, said, “They all deserve to come back, but it is really going to come down to what they do and how they perform and what they give you.”

Watch NBC’s “Voice” results show on Tuesday at 8 PM.