Is 'Frozen's' Elsa Getting a 'Once Upon a Time' Makeover This Season?

“Once Upon a Time” fans have seen their favorite Disney characters done over in plain clothes, but what about “Frozen’s” Elsa?

Elsa-Frozen-OUAT[Credit: ABC] caught up with Georgina Haig, who plays the princess on the hit show, and she confessed that she’s rooting for an Elsa makeover.

“I would like Emma to give Elsa a bit of a makeover, because I think Elsa would love a pair of jeans in Storybrooke, because her dress catches on a lot of trees and gets very muddy. Emma is so practical. We are out running errands and she is nearly tripping on this cape. Emma would get out a pair of scissors, she would have been, like, jeans, t-shirts, go. It would be cool to have a makeover montage, where she practical-izes Elsa.”

When asked how she thought “Frozen” fans would react, she said, “That’s the thing... is that her outfit is so iconic. I don’t know. The show has done it with the other characters. I just don’t know if we will have time for an Elsa makeover. That is part of the fun of the show... how these beloved, archetypal characters translate into the modern world, so I think that would be fun to see for Elsa. I’m not sure if it will happen.”

What would the new Elsa wear? “She would be very bohemian chic. Messy, braided hair, maybe Free People kind of clothes.”

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