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Robert Downey Jr. on Fatherhood, Turning 50 and ‘The Judge’

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez sat down with Robert Downey Jr. to talk about his new film, “The Judge,” hitting the big 5-0, and being a dad.

Robert Downey Jr. and Wife Susan Welcome Baby Girl

Robert Downey Jr. on Fatherhood, Turning 50 and ‘The Judge’
Downey and wife Susan have a son, Exton, 2, and are soon expecting a little girl, and the actor said he is enjoying fatherhood later in life. “It’s always great to be a dad no matter where you’re at or what else is going on… life now is I’m either working or I’m with him, I’m not like 20-something and trying to party or hang out with my buddies or get laid or anything.”

Sending a message to Susan about turning 50, he smiled, “My Mrs. better throw me the greatest party of my life! And I'm stating that here and now, with you as my witness, so hold her accountable… yeah, 50 is going to be a big deal, I guess.”

He teams up with his wife as producing partners for “The Judge,” in which Downey plays a slick, big-city defense attorney who has to go back to the small town where he grew up to defend his estranged father, the town’s tough judge, in a murder case.

Asked if the role made him think of his own dad, Downey replied, “I was really just kind of steeped in this story in and of itself... my dad and the Judge are completely different, but I would pity anyone who had the Judge for a dad.”

One film you won’t see Robert in is “Star Wars: Episode VII.” He told Mario that rumors about him making a cameo are not true.

“The Judge” presides in theaters October 3.