Tracey Edmonds: 10 Things About ‘Extra’s’ New Co-Host

New co-host Tracey Edmonds joins host Mario Lopez in kicking off “Extra’s” new season this week… and we’ve asked her 10 questions about herself:

Tracey Edmonds: 10 Things About ‘Extra’s’ New Co-Host
1. My fondest childhood memory is: Vacationing in Lake Arrowhead.

2. My celebrity crush is: George Clooney.

3. My favorite food is: Mexican, especially burritos.

4. My pet peeve is: Conceited and narcissistic people.

5. My first job was: Receptionist at a mortgage company when I was 13.

6. If I weren’t on television, I would be: Producing TV/films and working behind the scenes. As for a non-entertainment job, I’d be a nerd, reading and watching documentaries.

7. The one person I want to interview is: Oprah Winfrey.

8. I don’t leave the house without: My BlackBerry and my iPhone.

9. My No. 1 beauty tip is: Always go for healthy, smooth skin. I’m a big advocate for microdermabrasion.

10. I’m most scared of: Going broke. :)