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'The Voice' Results Recap! Who's In and Who’s Out?!

We live blogged the “The Voice” top 12 results episode!

Tonight's 'The Voice' Results Recap!

At the start of the show the remaining contestants included:

Team Shakira: Tess Boyer, Kristen Merlin and Dani Moz
Team Adam Levine: Delvin Choice, Christina Grimmie and Kat Perkins
Team Usher: Josh Kaufman, Bria Kelly and T.J. Wilkins
Team Blake Shelton: Sisaundra Lewis, Audra McLaughlin and Jake Worthington 

Read on to find out who was safe and who was sent home this week!

8:59 PM: The #VoiceSave goes to... Tess Boyer! Sadly, it is time to say goodbye to TJ Wilkins and Dani Moz.

8:57 PM: The coaches are giving their final thoughts as the voting window closes.

8:53 PM: The #VoiceSave starts now! The bottom three contestants include Tess Boyer, Dani Moz and TJ Wilkins.

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8:51 PM: Tess Boyer belts out Kelly Clarkson's "Dark Side" hoping for a chance to move on in the competition.

8:50 PM: Carson reminds everyone that the #VoiceSave window is not open yet. When it is, be sure to tweet #VoiceSave and the contestant's name! Retweeting counts!

8:48 PM: Now it's Dani's turn. She sings Adele's "Turning Tables" in a last ditch effort to move on to the Top 10. Shakira asks America to "help her please!"

8:45 PM: TJ is singing for his life! Will his rendition of the Edwin McCain's "I'll Be" be enough to save him? Usher thinks so. The coach is asking America via Twitter to please #VoiceSave TJ.

8:40 PM: We have the bottom three. It is TJ Wilkins from Team Usher and Dani Moz and Tess Boyer from Team Shakira. Each will have a chance to perform before the #VoiceSave!

8:37 PM: Who else is safe? Bria Kelly from Team Usher, Christina Grimmie from Team Adam and Sisaundra Lewis from Team Blake.

8:34 PM: Team Blake is bringing some country to the stage singing Travis Tritt's "Put Some Drive in Your Country."

8:28 PM: More results... Delvin Choice from Team Adam and Jake Worthington from Team Blake are moving on to the Top 10!

8:26 PM: Spotlight on community service! Team Shakira and Starbucks help kids with a painting project at Roscoe Elementary School in L.A.

8:22 PM: Shakira is showing off her sexy side! The coach is performing "Empire" wearing a see-through costume.

8:15 PM: Who will advance next? It's Kristen Merlin from Team Shakira and Audra McLaughlin from Team Blake.

8:07 PM: That was quick, it's time for the first two safe contestants. America has saved... Josh Kaufman from Team Usher and Kat Perkins from Team Adam!

8:04 PM: First up? Adam Levine and his team singing Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer." 

8:00 PM: We're live! The show kicks off with a look back at Monday's live auditions. 

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